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When Flooring Distributors Sacramento opened in June of 2010 it was based on the premise of providing material that is stocked locally, offered at competitive prices with excellent service.

This was a concept that was lacking in Northern California, and as it is often said, “when you find a need, fill it”, so here we are today! Throughout the time we’ve been in business, we continually ask our customers “what is most important to them?” and consistently it has been: available product, unbeatable pricing, and great service.


On a daily basis we are determined to deliver on the needs of our customers. Because we understand how critical our customer’s time is, our goal with every customer is to process their order and have their vehicle loaded within 15 minutes. It has become our mission to ensure our customers can rely on our knowledge and expertise for all their flooring projects.

Each team member was hired based on having a winning personality and placing extreme importance on customer service. We always enjoy hearing feedback and will continue to ask each customer, “what are we doing well, in what ways can we improve, what products would they like to see us carry, and how can we change our business to conform to their highest expectation.” Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to service you.

Flooring Distributors Sacamento is committed to the best service at a competitive price on retail and wholesale flooring serving the greater Sacramento area.


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